Prayer Ministry

Corporate Prayer is a group of believers praying in faith the word of God in Spirit led prayer. It is collaborating with the Holy Spirit to pray out the plans and purposes of God for your church. Its primary purpose is to help the Pastor. God always gives the Pastor the vision for his church and then sends those to be a part of and to help him fulfill that vision. Corporate prayer gives wings to that vision.
Recently, I was reminded of the seven mountains/ kingdoms of influence in our world. These all influence us, our families, neighbors, and well, everyone. The main purpose of corporate prayer is to help the Pastor fulfill the vision that God has given him. However, we also need prayer groups that pray for these seven mountains of influence led by the Holy Spirit. The seven areas effect our daily lives and that’s why the Word of God commands us to pray for all men. Especially for those in authority. (1 Timothy 2:1-4)
There are people of authority in all these spectrums of influence. 
These are kingdoms of this world. 
1. The Church (The body of Christ; and other Religions)
2. Government/Politics (Those put in authority by voters)
3. Family (Parents, grandparents, those raising their children)
4. Education (Those in authority in education, school boards, principals, teachers)
5. Business/Commerce (Which include science, medical fields, technology, etc)
6. Arts/Entertainment (writers, directors, producers, actors, artists, etc)
7. Media/News (Commercials, infomercials, information good or bad)
These current narratives can be changed by corporate prayer. It takes prayer leaders that know how to follow the Holy Spirit and carry in their heart a burden for change in these areas. Praying the word of God and interceding in tongues. 
If you are a member of Crosswalk Church,
Please join us on Tuesdays at 10 AM for corporate prayer.
Everyone is invited to Bible Study at 9 AM Sunday mornings, then pre-service prayer following Bible Study. 
Contact Teresa Bishop for more information! 817-980-0546