Due to Covid Restrictions this Ministry is on pause
Crosswalk Church partners with “Pure and Undefiled Prison Ministry” to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ inside prison walls all across Texas. Our vision for the prisoner is the same as the vision Pastor Eric received from the Lord! To see the prisoners saved, set free, set ablaze for Jesus, and be set apart from the world! James 1:27 says that “Pure and undefiled religion before God the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.” When men become the men that God has called us to be, there will be less single mothers and less fatherless children! Revival is happening in the prisons and you can be a part of it!
Scheduled dates-
Hutchins State Jail
Every Wednesday 830am-1030am
3rd Thursday of every month 830am-1130am
Bridgeport Correctional Center
1st Saturday of every month 630pm-9pm
Coffield Unit
All Coffield chapel service times are 12pm-2pm
TDCJ Volunteer training class 1-26-19 at
Gateway north Fort Worth Campus 9am-1pm
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Correction Facilities that we currently minister at-
Bridgeport Correctional Center
4000 North Tenth Street
Bridgeport Tx 76426
G1-G2 custody level
HH Coffield Unit
2661 FM 2054
Tennessee Colony Tx 75884
G1-G5 custody level
Hutchins State Jail
1500 East Langdon Rd
Dallas Tx 75241
G1-G2 custody level
Note: we will be looking into ministering in Womens facilities in the future.
Visit Texas department of criminal justice to view the training schedule.
FAQs I’VE NEVER BEEN INSIDE A CORRECTIONAL FACILITY—WHAT’S IT LIKE? Typically, we hold our church services and Small Groups in the chapel or the visitation area. You will not go into the general population areas. The inmates who attend our services are usually just as excited as our families that attend here each weekend.
HOW MUCH TIME WILL BE REQUIRED TO SERVE? The Correctional Facilities we visit are all within 2 hours from our church. Depending on which facility you serve at, you should anticipate a minimum of 5 hours. Each of our time slots are 1.5-2 hours, and it generally takes about 30 minutes to go through security.
WHAT WILL HAPPEN WHEN I GET TO THE CORRECTIONAL FACILITY? WILL I BE SEARCHED? When our teams arrive at the Correctional Facility, we generally sign a log book, turn in our driver’s licenses, and walk through a metal detector. An officer may pat each person down in a gender appropriate manner. We always walk to the meeting room together as a team and are usually escorted by security both in and out.
WHAT CAN I TAKE INSIDE THE PRISON WITH ME? CAN I TAKE WATER, SNACKS OR MEDICINE? During the TDCJ Volunteer training, the trainer will go over all the rules pertaining to ministering inside a Correctional Facility. Primarily, we only take in the material that is used for the service. Personally, a team member can take in a Bible with no loose notes, a pen, and any approved curriculum material. We are not allowed to take gum, food, drinks, iPods or electronic devices into the prison without prior approval. If you must have medication with you, you will have to leave it with the gate security and come out of the facility to access it if needed.
HOW DO I TRAVEL TO THE CORRECTIONAL FACILITIES? WILL THERE BE SOMEONE I CAN RIDE WITH? We usually ride together depending on the facility location and how many volunteers are going each time
WHAT TYPE OF A COMMITMENT IS REQUIRED? WHAT IF I CAN’T MAKE IT TO A MEETING? One of the most important factors in Prison Ministry is consistency and faithfulness in our commitment. We understand that things can come up unexpectedly, but we do encourage commitments to be kept if at all possible.
CAN I TAKE A SMALL GIFT TO THE INMATES, SUCH AS GUM, MINTS, PENS, SNACKS, MONEY, BIBLE, ETC? It is easy to become very fond of the inmates and feel compassionate toward their plight. The TDCJ policies do not allow ministry volunteers to give anything to an inmate that isn’t previously approved. As a ministry, we have been approved to take certain items in to our services that have been pre approved. Nothing can be given to, or taken from, an inmate at any time that hasn’t been approved by TDCJ.
CAN I WRITE TO THE INMATES I’VE MET IN BETWEEN MY VISITS? The TDCJ policies state that volunteers, who physically minister inside a Correctional Facility, are not allowed to visit, write, or give money to an inmate. Nor may a volunteer associate with an inmate’s family members
AN INMATE DOESN’T HAVE MONEY TO SEND A LETTER OR TO CALL HIS/HER FAMILY. MAY I CALL THE FAMILY MEMBER AND CONVEY A MESSAGE? We are not permitted to contact anyone on behalf of an inmate. Many times, inmates attempt to persuade a volunteer to convey a message that is a coded message they do not want the TDCJ to intercept through mail or a phone conversation. Conveying such a message could implicate you in criminal activity and, at the least, cause you and/or this ministry to be banned from entering the facility.
CAN I GIVE AN INMATE MY PHONE NUMBER OR ADDRESS SO HE/SHE CAN CONTACT ME? Under no circumstances are we allowed to provide personal information to an inmate. If you would like for an inmate to send something to you, have him/her send it to Crosswalk Church. We are not allowed to develop a pen pal relationship with an inmate if we are ministering inside the facilities.